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The Inform and Apology Letter about​ The 20th International Friction &Sealing Materials Exhibition's Rescheduling

2018-08-03    from:CFSMA



Member companies,  exhibitors, speakers and attendees:


Since the  Fuzhou Strait International Conference &Exhibition Center will be occupied  by Fuzhou government for national governmental event during the middle of April,  Our 20th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition and  Colloquium cannot be held as scheduled.


After several  negotiations, we decided to reschedule our 20th CFSMA International Friction  & Sealing Material Exhibition and Colloquium to March the 30th-April the 1st 2018. The  Exhibition hall will be the same hall as previous: exhibition hall 6 of Fuzhou  Strait International Conference &Exhibition Center Fuzhou City,  Fujian Province, China. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the  reschedule. The new registration time will be 29th March,  2018.


The  attendees who would like to make speech should send the photograph and profile  to e-mail to cfsma9@12.com or  cfsma11@26.com ,cfsma12@126.com  before March the 5th.

Send  the Word and Power point version of lecture to the email above, before March the  10th.


Exhibitors should send Chinese and English company introduction, contact information,  product introduction and two dimension code to email:cfsma9@126.com before February 28. 

Exhibitors who want to use the  previous advertisement on Exhibition Books  should also inform us through the same email address.


If  any companies who would like to Sponsor the exhibition please contact  010-88084682.


We  will try our best to support your participation of this exhibition, if you have  any problem.


Please contact  us.

Tel.: 88084366,  010-88084682,

Email:  cfsma11@126.com cfsma9@126.com