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The Exhibition Received Hot Registration for the First Day

2018-08-03    from:CFSMA

On January 16, The  20th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition and  Colloquium began to accept registration after the settlement of exhibition  venue, hotel and transportation. As soon as the floor plan put on the website,  the ring of 5 telephones for registration never stopped the whole day. After a  quite busy day, by the 5 o’clock pm, 80 companies covering friction materials,  sealing materials, raw and auxiliary material, and equipment applied for the  registration, the number of the booked booth is more than 190 shell  scheme.


This year's  exhibition with the experience of Zhengzhou exhibition will further strengthen  the cooperation with accessories of automobile motorcycle which is different  from the previous ones. The 2018 Auto Parts Exhibition with more than 60000 sqm  will open and close the same day with the 20th International Friction Sealing  Materials Technology Exchange and Product Exhibitions, which provides a very  good opportunity for brake pads, clutch, cylinder pad, packing companies to do  promotion. Welcome related companies to consult us for more  information.