News:The grand opening ceremony of 18th Exhibition2016.05.13

The grand opening ceremony of 18th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition and Colloquium

               ­­­­­­­——CBMF President Qiao Longde attended the opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony

On May 12th ,2016,  president of China Building Materials Federation Mr. Qiao Longde attended the grand opening ceremony of 18th CFSMA International Friction&Sealing Material Exhibition and Colloquium held in Nanjing and cut the red ribbons to officially open the exhibition.

Vice Secretary of Jiangsu Province Mr. Wang zhizhongpresident of Jiangsu Construction Materials Industry Association Mrs.Nie Changlan and Mr.John Mack, special envoy of Mr.Roy Link, president of Annual SAE Brake Colloquium&Exhibition delivered warm speeches respectively. Mr. Chen Guoqing,vice president of CBMF gave a welcome address on behalf of the organizer afterwards. The opening ceremony was moderated by Mr. Wang Yao, president of CFSMA.

President of CBMF Mr.Qiao LongdeDeputy director of Jiangsu Commission of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Mr.Gao Qingdeputy chief engineer of technology center from MOHURD Mr. Qu Hongleof president of Jiangsu Construction Materials Industry Association Mrs.Nie Changlanpresident of Shandong Construction Materials Industry Association Mr.Wang FujiangPresident of Xin Jiang Construction Materials Industry Association Mr. Lv Zhijianvice president of China Cement Association Mr.Kong XiangzhongMr.John Mack, special envoy of Mr.Roy Link, president of Annual SAE Brake Colloquium&Exhibtionvice president of Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,LtdCEO of Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co,Ltdmarketing director of Asia-pacific Region of Dupont Mr.Jeong Man Cho and president of CFSMA Mr. Wang Yao together cut the ribbon on the opening ceremony, Mr Wang Yao presided over the opening ceremony.

Others who presented themselves at the opening ceremony are Mr.Gao Guanying,senior advisor of CFSMA,an American famous sealing materials specialistMr.Nishida Takahito from Nippon Valqua Industries,LtdMr.Marvin,senior advisor of CFSMAMr.Zeng Youcong, secretary general of Fujian Construction Material Industry Associationvice president of Anhui Construction Material Industry Association Mr.Yan Limingvice president of Jiangxi Construction Material Industry Association Mr.Sun Xiaofangpresident of Tianjin Construction Material Industry Association Mr.Hu Jingshanpresident of Heilongjiang Construction Material Industry Association Mr.Han Shitaopresident of Henan Construction Material Industry Association Mr.Wang Aizhen journal proprieter of China Building Materials Mr.Qin Chunyuchief editor of China Building Materials News Mr.Meng Xianjiangdirector of International Division of China Building Material Federation Mr.Ding Lingzhong,vice president of China Green Carbon Association Mrs Liqingsecretary general of China Sand-Stone Association Mr. Han Jixianparty secretary of Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute Mr.GuoweiEast China University of Science and Technology Professor Xie Sujiangpresident of Jiangsu Investigation&Design Association Mr. Xu Xuejungeneral manager of Foshan Kingpeng Robot Technology Co.,Ltd Mr.Qin Leichief engineer of Hangzhou Internal Combustion Engine Gasket Co., Ltd Mr Liu Zhenjia.general manager of Beijing Winghy TRIZ innovation research institute Mr.Zhang Wenhaisenior trainer of Shan Ren Information Group Mrs Gao Chunhuavice presidents of CFSMA and China Perlite Associationmanagers of four golden sponsors like Daye Duxin Friction Powder Co.,LtdHengshui Jiansheng Chemical Rubber Co.,LtdOtsuka Chemical Co.,LtdHuangshan Feiying Autoparts Co.,Ltd and managers of four silver sponsors like Zhengzhou Ultra-hard Tools Co.,LtdNanjing Xinfeima Chmeical Co.,LtdNan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co.,Ltd as well as senior correspondent of China Building Materialschief editor of HC International Incother friends from pressbusiness giantsexperts and scholar etc.

Mr. Wangyao accompanied Mr.Qiao LongdeMr.Chen GuoqingMr.Qu Hongle and Mrs.Nie Changlan as well as other important guests in the whole course of visits to the exhibition. Mr. Qiao Longde fully affirmed CFSMA’s work and proposed high demand of CFSMA in the leading role of development of the industry.

The exhibition has been held for 18 consecutive years internationally,the 2016 CFSMA exhibition was approved by Ministry of Commerce and has ranked No.1 in terms of scale.

One of the highlights is that the exhibition area has come over to 8500 sqm, among which 39 booths are ordered by foreign companies. More than 220 international industry champions and top enterprises participate in the exhibition, 100 top specialists from 30 countries or regions attend the grand convention and thousands of professionals from the industry visit the exhibition.

In order to expand trade exchange at home and abroad, a negotiation zone was set up to achieve reaching an agreement or intending to reach an agreement valued in 450 million.

The third highlight of the exhibition is the organizer arranged an “Transformation and Upgrading & Innovative Development Seminar” according to the development and demands of the industry. Presentations and reports are “Management and Technology ” given by Mr.Zhang Wenhai from Beijing Winghy TRIZ Innovation Research Institute“The Informatization of discrete manufacture based on Internet plus”given by Mr.Wu Yimin from Zhejiang Cathy Packing&Sealing Co,Ltd“How do Chinese Enterprises go global under the policy of “The Belt and Road Initiatives”? given by Mr.Ding Lizhong from China Building Materials FederationIntelligent manufacturing in the application of Industrial enterprises ”given by Mr.Qin Lei from Foshan KingPeng Robot Technology Co., Ltd“The King of New materials- graphene”given by Mr.Qu Xuejun from Ulanqab Darsen Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd as well as “Four factors for enterprises to make profits quickly in the Mobile Era” given by Mrs Gao Chuhua from Shan Ren Information Group. The seminar was held by vice president of CFSMA Mr.Du Xiaode.

The forth highlight of the exhibition is the number of domestic experts are increased to make the friction and sealing materials seminar more realistic and more practical.

As per convention of CFSMA,the organizer also held friction material seminar. Presenters or reporters are Davide Ribotta from Itaprochim srlThinus Bezuidenhout
Eliana Maria da Silva and Gilberto Crosa from SI Group,Inc.
Catterman Frederiqu from Cardolite companyEric Salmon from Superior Graphite Europe LtdWang Lixi from Jiangsu Rek Hi-Tech Materials Co,LtdKamada Shogo from Zhangjiagang Otsuka Chemical Co.,LtdZhao Xiaolou from Jilin Province Jida Elec-Mech.Machinery LtdLi Zhifang from Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co.,LtdHu Qing from Chongyi Hengyi Ceramic Composites Co.,LtdLiuxueqing from Bosch ,NanjingYin Cailiu from Guangxi University for Nationalities as well as Cui peng from Tianjin Tianduan Press Co.,Ltd. The seminar was chaired by vice president of CFSMA Mr.Wang Tieshan.

Sealing material seminar is also held traditionally. Presenters are Yuecheng from Yantai Taparan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltdsenior advisor of CFSMA Gao guanyingWang Lixi from Jiangsu Rek Hi-Tech Materials Co.,LtdGeng Cunyan from Zhejiang Cathy Packing&Sealing Co,LtdNishida  Takahito from Nippon Valqua Industries,LtdXie Sujiang from East China University of Science and TechnologyLiu Zhen Jia from Hangzhou Internal Combustion Engine Gasket Co., LtdWang Dewen from Changchun Tengfei Asbestos Machinery Co.,Ltd etc. The seminar was chaired by vice president of CFSMA Wu Yimin and Lei Jianbin. There was also a lively technical exchange among those experts.

On May 12th ,2016,during the exhibition CFSMA held the sixth session of the sixth congress to vote by a show of hands and passed unanimously the following members to be the new Councillor. Those members are manager of Kaiping Benling Gasket Packing of Engine Co.,Ltd Mr.Guan Gexionggeneral manager of Yuhuan Boxing Machinery Co.,Ltd Mr.Liu Xuelunpresident of Zhuji Jindeli Friction Material Co.,Ltd Mr.Jin Faxiaopresident of Hubei Chibi Salfer Friction Material Co.,Ltd Mr.Guo Donghuigeneral manager of Nantong Glorson Brakes Mr.Chen Hongbingeneral manager of Jiangsu Rek Hi-Tech Materials Co.,Ltd Mr.Wangqingpresident of Ulanqab Darsen Graphite New Materials Co.,Ltd Mr.Zhangbingeneral manager of Daye Wangping Friction Material Co.,LtdMr.Shi Daijiageneral manager of Hangzhou Kooing Auto Spare Parts Co.,Ltd Mr Zhang Jiataogeneral manager of Shandong Yushi Giant Chemical Co.,Ltd Mr.Zhang JiataoCEO of Yantai Taparan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd Mr.Zhang Junyanvice general manager of Hengshui Jiansheng Chemical Rubber Co.,Ltd Mr.Li Xiaotaopresident of Jiangsu Jinmaisui New energy technology co., Ltd etc.

On the evening of May 12th, the appreciation dinner sponsored by ShengquanDupont and Golden Phoenix was held, before which a documentary of the exhibition made by CFSMA was showed with high praise.

Mr. Qiao LongdeMr.Chen GuoqingMr.Qu Hongle and Mrs Nie Changlan together with thousands of representatives attended the dinner party and proposed a toast.

A raffle was also held during the dinner.

There were 5 premium programs recommended by three different companies would resonate during the dinner and pushed itself to the peak of the history.

Wang Quanbao,general manager of Tianjin Julong Perlite Insulation Materials Co.,Ltd sang”defending the border area with gallant horse”which was striking a chord among all the audiences.

Thereafter, the monkey king show brought the dinner to a climax with hundreds of participants crowded to take pictures  

 Gales of laughter were issued from the audiences by the cross talk and short sketch

Then the magic recommended by Huangshan Toughpro and performed by one of the noted magician Tan Suyang who is praised as “the Chinese Harry Potter”brought the party to another climax,

The dinner party was hosted by general manager of Huangshan Toughpro Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd Mr.Du Mengzi

The closing ceremony of 18th International Friction&Sealing Material Exhibition and Colloquium was held on May 13th, 2016.


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