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Italian Guest Visited CFSMA

Mr. Massimo Tinelli, Sales Manager of ATOM Cutting Machine Ltd, and Mr. Liu Wei, Sales Manager of China, visited CFSMA in March 21st. Mr Wang Yao, President of CFSMA met with them and answered their questions. They had a warm and in-depth communication.

Atom Cutting Machine Ltd. was established with 1946, a leader in shoemaking and leather product equipment at the beginning. It was expanding its product variation continuously and now its equipments are covering the fields of sealing gasket industry, shoemaking industry, leather product industry, clothing industry, package industry, furniture industry, car industry, harness industry, paper-making industry, synthetic fiber industry, etc.. ATOM and CERIM set up a joint venture in Shanghai city and a representative office in Guangdong province in 2006. Their nonmetallic gasket cutting machine has been applied in China Friction and Sealing industry already.

Guests from ATOM visited CFSMA to know more about china Friction and Sealing industry and seek help on their market expansion in sealing industry. ATOM has booked a 54- Square-Meter special booth at the upcoming “16th CFSMA International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition” in May, 2014. To effectively expand the influence, ATOM will demonstrate cutting live on the spot in addition to equipment display, to deliver a vivid understanding of their equipments to the Chinese sealing enterprises.  


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