Papers on friction materials


1. 烧蚀工艺对少金属摩擦材料性能的影响                  白克江  王伟平

Effect of Scorching Process on Friction Performance of NAO Friction Material

2. 生产工艺对产品压缩性能的影响                        白克江  张江山

Effect of Manufacturing Process on Compressibility of Friction Material

3. 三维网络SiC/金属新型复合摩擦材料的制备与性能        茹红强  里景阳等

Preparation and properties of new type 3D meshy silicon carbide/metals braking composites

4. 有机湿式摩擦材料摩擦性能的试验研究                  徐仁泉

Friction performance research about wet friction material

5. 一种优质氧化铁粉添加到摩擦材料中性能改善研究        付明刚

HT iron oxide powder effect in phenolic composites on frction performance

6. 建立产品开发的工作流程                               

How to design the sequence of R&D

7. 城市公交客车盘式刹车片研制                          史学堂    延海新

Research and Development of urban bus brake pad

8. 摩擦生热探讨刹车片的设计                        王昌松   波等

Research of friction heat in brake pad design

9. 低磨损陶瓷纤维增强型重型车制动器衬片的研制          张金钟

Research and Development of truck brake linning reinforced by ceremic fiber

10. 复合钢纤维在摩擦材料中的运用                       徐仁泉  周惠昌

Application of coating iron fiber in friction material

11. 欧洲摩擦材料的标准体系化及其技术特征                 耀

The standard system and technology characters of European friction material

12. 一种用于摩擦材料的新型SF-081型超耐磨填料          司万宝    

SF-081 organic filler for developing wear resistance of friction material

13. 关于在制动器台架上进行磨损试验的方法探讨           王丹膺    

Wear test in inertia type friction tester

14. 国产干式离合器摩擦片规格尺寸标准化的浅述           顾志芳

Standardization about product size of cluth in China

15. 环保利用摩材废弃物有必要                           徐申二

Recycle of waste material from friction material manufacturing 

16. 200km/h电动车组有机闸片的研制                      杨金生  王京波

The research and development of organic brake block for 200km/h train

17. 纳米坡缕石共混树脂摩擦制动带的摩擦磨损性能         曾立宏  刘礼安

Friction and wear performance studies on woven asbestos-free brake band based on (M-P/TPF)

18. 纳米高岭土在合成闸瓦中的应用                          裴顶峰等

The application of nano-kaolin in brake shoe

19. 硼改性酚醛树脂在摩擦材料中的应用                    

The application of Boron-modified PF resin in friction material

20. 多橡胶无有机溶剂(水基)离合器面片的研制           杨武铉  肇恒志等

The research and development of water-base solvent clutch facing

21. 为矿物纤维正名                                      

Clear the Name for “Mineral Fibre”

22. 客车用少金属无石棉刹车片的研制                        陈均站

Research and Development of NAO friction material for passenger motor vehicle

23. 简议汽车摩擦材料                                  楼盟威

Overview about auotmobile friction material

24. 中重型卡车离合器摩擦片性能分析                    安忠文  周怀良

Friction performance research of clutch facing for trucks

25. 现代测试方法在汽车摩擦材料研究中的应用            吴耀庆    鸣等

Application of modern measuring method in Research and Development of friction material



Papers on sealing materials

1. 改性聚四氟乙烯的发展和应用                          谢苏江

Modified Polytetrafluoroethylene And Its Application

2. 国外环境负荷物质规制状况                                西田隆仁

Regulations of the laws of EU&USA about Environmental load

3. 新型动密封填料——泥状填料                          王仕江

New Gland Packing--Soft Packing

4. 膨胀石墨复合型缠绕式垫片的寿命预测                  西田隆仁 野々垣肇

seal-life of the spiral wound gaskets with expansion graphite filler

5. 浅议垫片密封技术                                    刘绍忠

Sealing Technique of Gaskets



Development trends of friction & sealing materials industry

1. 盘式刹车片OEM配套市场全攻略                      陈和发

Introduction of manufacturing process and equipments for brake padOEM

2. 金融危机下汽车后市场前景诱人                       马增杰

Bright future for auto after market in finacial crisis

3. 国际高性能摩擦材料的发展现状和趋势                 史宝平

Development trends of high performance friction material 

4. 无石棉增强材料的发展和现状                          

Development of non- asbestos friction & sealing material



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